Using Pinterest To Market Your Business


Business owners who understand the importance of digital marketing are adding Pinterest to the ever-growing list of social media outlets they should frequent. Using Pinterest to market your business is relatively simple, but it is effective marketing?

Consider results seen by e-retailer Wayfair. The company claims social media sites like Pinterest resulted in a 2.3 increase in sales this year. Although the company has several social media accounts, they claim Pinterest has been the main driver of additional sales this year. “Our Pinterest referrals spend 70 percent more than nonsocial channels,” said Wayfair media representative Jane Carpenter.

With those numbers, it’s easy to see why business owners like yourself are ready to jump on the Pinterest wagon. To help you along, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions.

I already have a Facebook and Twitter account. Why do I need Pinterest?

Facebook and Twitter users are looking to connect with family and friends. Pinterest users are searching for products and information.

Another upside is that Pinterest followers repin what they like. Your followers work for you. Every time a follower repins, your products or services are reaching a new market. Someone who has no knowledge of your company may stumble upon your product months after it was originally pinned.

How do you set up a Pinterest account?

Setting up an account is simple. It is free and only takes a few minutes. You can include company contact information in the biography section. If you currently have a website or Facebook, ask your customers to follow you on Pinterest as well. Add the Pinterest icon to your website, so visitors can be directly connected to your Pinterest wall with a click of a mouse.

How do I use these boards in conjunction with my business?

The boards provided by Pinterest are example boards. You can delete them, create your own or rename the existing boards. For instance, if you have a business that sells handmade accessories, you can create one board for scarves, one for hats, one for sweaters and so on. There is no limit to the number of boards you can create, but keep in mind that potential followers have the option of following all of your boards or just a select few. Do not create so many boards that you lose potential viewers.

What should I include on my Pinterest boards?

Businesses that are successful on Pinterest create original pins but also repin things that may appeal to their customers. For instance, if you sell exotic flowers, many of your pins will be beautiful plants and flowers available for purchase. By nature your customers will also have an interest in gardening equipment, products and growing tips. Even though you may not offer these items for sale, related pins will generate interest in your boards and can eventually lead to sales.

Where do I find images to upload?

Some images you find online may be copyrighted, so it is best to use original images and unique content. Preferably, these photos will be linked to your website or blog. Simply uploading images without links to your website will not yield optimal results.

Product styling is important when photographing products for Pinterest. If you sell jewelry, pin a photo of someone wearing the product. Add your company logo in the corner of the image. This will deter competitors from using your image and puts the company’s name in the minds of potentially millions of followers.

Should I respond to comments on my pins?

Respond to comments or questions in a friendly and professional manner. If comments are inappropriate, you have the option to delete them. Make an effort to get to know your potential customers and allow them to know your staff. Some staff members showcase their personal favorites on the company’s Pinterest account.

Should I synchronize my social media accounts?

Many business owners do synchronize their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts so that they all post the same information. This may be the easiest way to update your social media accounts daily, but it’s not necessarily the best advice. While you do want to inform all potential customers about upcoming sales and special events, those who frequent multiple social media outlets will not appreciate seeing the same post in multiple places.

Keep each social media account as unique as possible while keeping followers informed. Get followers excited about your products by running an occasional giveaway. AMC Theatres frequently offers Pinterest followers exclusive prizes, such as movie posters, tickets and signed memorabilia.

What is a hashtag, and how do I use it?

A hashtag is the number symbol (#) found on keyboards and phones. Combining a hashtag with a keyword is an easy way to attract attention on Pinterest. Users searching Pinterest for a particular keyword will be directed to all pins with the matching hashtag/keyword. For instance, you may want to push a certain product as an ideal stocking stuffer around the holidays by including #stockingstuffers in the item description. Even if a Pinterest user does not follow your boards, they will see your pin when they do a search for #stockingstuffers.

How often should I update my Pinterest boards?

Pin several items of interest each day but not so many that your followers feel overwhelmed by the volume. Pinterest users like variety. If they get bored with too many similar pins, they may unfollow you.


Remember to be as unique as possible when using Pinterest. Beautiful photos and inspiring words go a long way. Keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to capture the user’s attention. Hiring a social media expert to optimize your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts may be a smart idea if you don’t have the time or staff available to work on these projects.

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