Why Guaranteed SEO is the ONLY WAY to Go


Over the last few years, everybody who’s built a single successful website considers themselves as ‘seo experts’. The truth of the matter is that if there are thousands of so-called seo gurus out there, why not work by the philosophy of ‘put your money where your mouth is‘.  It costs a substantial amount of time and effort to engineer websites to rank for competitive search terms.  Among the SEO community, many ‘true‘ experts argue over what pricing models are appropriate for clients — and more importantly — how to measure ‘optimization’ or ‘progress’.  In this post I’ll go over several of the most common pricing models in the SEO world (including our very own guaranteed seo pricing model) and evaluate (attempting to be unbiased, though no promises) how each model helps you, the potential client, understand where your online marketing money is going and how it’s being spent.

Monthly Rate with no promises (the scam artist)

I don’t care if you’re paying $200 / month or $20k / month…every client deserves to know what they will get out of a businesses relationship with fixed-monthly prices.  Heck, if you’ve been one of these poor folks to be taken advantage by a service like this (with no results whatsoever), please explain to me: “what incentive does the SEO agency have to vigorously work on your website’s optimization”?  You pay your bills on time and don’t question their ‘effectiveness’ — though, you’ve yet to witness any actual improvements across the board.  While it’s ultimately the responsibility of the client to learn the in’s-and-out’s of a deal like this, I personally couldn’t sleep at night if I was offering false promises and taking clients’ hard-earned money imprinted with the hopes of high expectations, albeit the majority of the time — let’s call it what it is: a pipedream.  If SEOs continue to provide pricing models like this, there HAS to be some type of regulation over non-transparency.  When you pay your monthly car insurance, health insurance, or other personal bills, you know what you’re getting in-return: protection & coverage. Well if you’re paying $3k / month to a company with no guarantees of rankings, traffic, sales, or conversion-rate improvements, what sort of service will they be providing?! If any for that matter…

Quote Based On Individual Projects (short term win, long term fail)

Whether the SEO work your require is on-page optimization or off-page link building, paying a one time price sounds like a great plan – but with one major defect.  When the SEO agency finishes the work agreed upon, say goodbye.  If they’ve helped you achieve page 1 rankings, without constant maintenance, regular PR & other types of ethical link building – your competitors (whom are actively optimizing around-the-clock with other performance-based agencies) will outrank you…forcing your site down the ranks of Google’s search ladder.  But wait, there’s more!  And, this is a nice transition into my next evaluation (and biggest-pet peeve)!

Monthly Retainers & Consulting Fees (a beautiful failure)

Going back to the last paragraph, AFTER you’ve paid a “one-time-fee” for SEO / optimization, here’s the best gimmick of all time.  That same SEO company says “pay us $5,000 a month” and we’ll continue to allow you to contact us for further help and support.  Personally speaking, retainers are great for divorce attorneys. However, there truly are many qualified SEO companies out there – which is why there’s no reason to contractually tie yourself down with an unnecesary and frankly absurd ‘retainer’. If you’re unhappy with your SEO company & no increase in rankings or sales has occurred, you should be able to get out of that relationship at any time without paying a hefty cancellation fee.  Many agencies with this retainer/consulting model won’t even allow you to escape the contract and will have collection agencies go after you.

Performance-Based / Guaranteed SEO (a win-win for everybody)

We pride ourselves as being one of the most reputable guaranteed seo companies in existence today. Although, while other results-driven seo companies offer ‘performance based’ services, they charge you for rankings they achieve on your behalf that land on the 3rd page of search engines!  Who has EVER looked past the first page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing for anything (aside from manually  looking up your website’s current rankings)?!?  A study conducted by Todd Jensen shows that of all search queries, the #10 ranking (typically the last spot on the first page of search results) receives an average click-percentage of 2.71%.  The #11 (top of the second page position) receives an average of 1%.  You can do the math.  That’s a tremendous drop-off.  Here’s a graph from a series of case studies conducted by Optify:

In this particular study (shown above), the average click thru ratio in Google for a #10 position is approximately 3% of all impressions.  Meanwhile, page 2 (#11-#20) is nearly flat-lined close to 0%.

Reaching page 1 of Google, Yahoo, or Bing is crucial to the online visibility & exposure of your website.  Here at RankedResults, that’s exactly what we offer.  No cost to you until we achieve first page rankings on at least one of these three major search engines for your chosen keywords!  Our #1 weapon is confidence.  Confidence that we can do what we say we can do; and if we can’t, we’re the ones who pay for the time & effort – not you, the valued client.

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